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JOURNAL - Stress Less Find Happiness (digital download)

JOURNAL - Stress Less Find Happiness (digital download)

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More Than Just a Journal... 

"Stress Less...Find Happiness" is more than just a book or journal; It's a holistic solution for positive change and support on your healing journey.

Developed by Your Psychologist - Caroline Middelsdorf 

Workbook + Journal + Recipes + Videos

In this journal book, you'll find essential knowledge, helpful tips, several video tutorials from our founder and your psychologist - Caroline Middelsdorf, as well as follow along breathing and relaxation exercises to help you get out of your head and into your body. Learn to stop bypassing your feelings and how to stop overthinking. The BEYOUMA journal supports and guides you to more selfawarenss and a stronger mind-body connection which are important skills and tools for your healing journey. 

The BEYOUMA journal supports you with:

  • Recognizing and changing negative thought patterns
  • Managing stress & anxiety
  • Feeling your emotions in a safe way 
  • Reconnecting with your inner and authentic self 
  • Developing new, healthier routines 
  • Finding inner peace when things become overwhelming
  • Cultivating a more positive attitude
  • Breaking old habits
  • Loving yourself
  • Trusting yourself
  • And much more...

Digital Version: Workbook and Journal including a 21-Day Program + Recipes + Videos; 179 pages. Format: DIN A5. Language: English.

Tip: Print out the journal and write with a pen for maximum benefits.


      + Workbook with basic knowledge & exercises
      + Journal with daily exercises
      + Videos via QR codes
      + Recipe ideas
      + Bilingual (EN/DE)

      Chapter 1: Workbook
      Hybrid workbook with video tutorials
      Practical knowledge about mental health
      Introduction to journaling
      Sharpening self-awareness
      Practical and effective exercises
      Application of tracking tools
      Grounding and relaxation techniques
      Self-reflection tasks
      Converting negative thoughts into positive ones
      Recognizing unhealthy routines; introducing healthy routines
      Solution-oriented exercises + video tutorials via QR codes
      Breathing exercises via video

      Chapter 2: Journal
      Your personal journal for 21 days
      Daily exercises for self-awareness, joy, and gratitude
      Weekly review for more clarity
      Priority list
      Stress level tracker
      Reflection (Converting negative thoughts into positive ones)
      Practical trackers (Sleep, mood, and habit trackers)
      Establishing healthy routines
      Quotes and positive affirmations
      15-minute video tutorial for inner peace and grounding for each week

      Chapter 3: Recipes
      Healthy recipe ideas
      Video tutorial for viewing and immediate cooking


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      Format: DIN A4 (double-sided with 2 DIN A5 pages each) Color: B/W.

      We recommend printing your journal at a professional copy shop.

      It's best to use recycled or natural paper with a minimum weight of 90g/m2.


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