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«Stress Less...Find Happiness» - PDF

«Stress Less...Find Happiness» - PDF

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More than a journal

"Stress Less...Find Happiness" is more than a book or journal.
It's a holistic solution to change your life for the better!

Developed by a psychologist

Workbook + Journal + Recipes + Videos

This book provides you with important knowledge, helpful tips, numerous video instructions as well as video breathing and relaxation exercises. Over a period of about 4 weeks, you'll learn how to keep a journal and how to use trackers effectively (for analyzing and improving your own behavior).
We support you in helping yourself to:

  • identify and change negative thought patterns
  • better manage stress
  • develop new routines
  • find inner peace when life gets a bit too much
  • gain a more positive attitude
  • shed old habits
  • love yourself
  • trust yourself
  • and much more...

    You'll get access to our BEYOUMA Facebook group. There, you can exchange ideas directly with Caroline, founder & psychologist.


        + Workbook with foundational knowledge & exercises

        + Journal with daily exercises   

        + Videos via QR codes

        + Recipe ideas       

        + 2 languages ​​(EN/DE)

        Chapter 1: Workbook

        • Hybrid workbook with video tutorials
        • Helpful knowledge about mental health
        • Introduction to journaling
        • Developing self-awareness
        • Practical and effective exercises
        • Use of tracking tools
        • Grounding and relaxation techniques
        • Self-reflection exercises
        • Turning negative thoughts into positive ones
        • Identifying unhealthy routines; introducing healthy routines
        • Solution-oriented exercises + video instructions via QR codes
        • Breathing video exercises


        Chapter 2: Journal

        • Your personal journal for 21 days
        • Daily exercises for self-awareness, joy and gratitude
        • Weekly forecast and review for more clarity
        • Priority list
        • Stress level tracker
        • Reflection (converting negative thoughts into positive ones)
        • Practical trackers (sleep, mood and habit trackers)
        • Establishing healthy routines
        • Quotes and positive affirmations
        • 15 min video instructions for inner relaxation and grounding for each week


        Chapter 3: Recipes

        • Healthy recipe ideas
        • Video instructions to watch and cook along


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        Format: DIN A4 (double page with 2 DIN A5 pages each)

        Colour: b/w

        We recommend that you print out your journal in a professional copy shop. It is best to use recycled or natural paper with at least 90g/m2.

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